HotAndCold/AF (hotandcoldrp) wrote,

He has rotors that transform into swords. That's like three of my favorite things for a toy to have.

Guys I think Kay Faraday's name should've been localized as Robin instead. For three reasons.
1. Stealing pun
2. Bird pun
3. Edgeworth is Batman pun

Just. Throwing that out there.

So as you may recall, my job places me in a Wal-Mart! This frequently leaves me window shopping on my lunch break or after work but before my ride arrives. Usually not too much of a problem thanks to the lack of stuff I'd like to buy (the Transformers section is pretty much entirely movie toys, alas and I'm pretty set as far as yarnly things goes). But yesterday I noticed this black-and-purple repaint of Animated Megatron. For 10 bucks. Instead of 40.

He makes The Noise when I transform him. This pleases me. :3 And I've totally almost lost his missile once already oh yeah.
Tags: af why do you share these things?, basically completely pointless, god i am terribly boring, sometimes i do things offline, tangentially related at best, transformers, work for monies
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