HotAndCold/AF (hotandcoldrp) wrote,

I am always late to everything. It's part of my charm.

So, as some of you may know, I recently gave in and got BitTorrent instead of constantly resorting to YouTube for my filthy piracy. And, of course, as is always the case with shiny new toys, I wish to play with it a bunch.

In other words, I am seeking recs. My tastes are not terribly discriminating and I will enjoy pretty much anything you throw at me (I enjoyed both the Bay Transformers movies, robo-balls and all, for Pete's sake!), but I will admit to a preference to things involving good fighting evil and magnificent villains and worldbuilding and humor and drama in roughly equal amounts. And giant robots. I will admit to being biased in favor of giant robots, though it's far from required. Despite my bias towards manly shit, I am not adverse to girly shit as well. So, yeah. Throw me anything. (Brotips on what sub groups are good and which are to be avoided and good sites for torrent hunting and such would also be appreciated.)

Also don't assume that anything is too obvious to point out, because if it was, I probably would've watched it already and I am way out of the loop on everything always. I only just now got around to watching Gurren Lagann you guys.

Things I have already torrented and enjoyed:
-New Getter Robo
-Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann (way awesome, by the way)

Tags: being fashionably late makes me cool!, help me make decisions!, i have no idea what i'm doing halp
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